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NM Blog

Redesign of New Media Blog of Merz Akademie Stuttgart

NM Blog

Daughter of all Demos

Me as Douglas Engelbart, me as Ivan Sutherland, me as scientist of the future as imagined by Vannevar Bush. The history of computers and user interfaces is dominated by great men.
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Member of Mutti

We found the Buero fuer Gestaltung "Mutti" in Stuttgart

FB Resistance Webpage

I designed the new FB Resistance Webpage for Tobias Leingruber

(content not finished :))

The future of ELIZA

During a one week project I worked with science fiction spaceship-computers. In the movie "Moon" I saw the Computer "Gerty", he really reminds me of the Chatbot "Eliza". Eliza, one of the first Chatbot ever which developed by Joseph Weizenbaum, is a bot that is quite psychological. And on the other hand I'm really impressed by "HAL9000" from the movie "2001 - A Space Odyssey" So I combined the notions of ubiquitous spaceship-computers and of Eliza's pseudo artificial intelligence and made an installation out of it. This installation shows 2 computers, having a psychoanalytical conversation as freaky Hal9000 and psychoanalyst Gerty.

conversation link


Today people dont know how websites or intefaces are made... but there is something behind shiny backgrounds and glossy submit buttons. This work experiments with making this hidden code visible.

Virtual Reality Information Visualisation

During 4 months of Joerg Frohnmayers Information Visualisation Lesson, we collected ideas of scenarios who could happen in the city. I decide to make something with Light-Pollution abbove cities.As result we made 3D graphics for Virtual Reality

Joerg Frohnmayer

HTML Frame Art Works

The reason was to make something with html frames, because they are no standard at browsers anymore, so the page must visited with firefox. The Web is full of dreams, dreams of importance, popularity, love, peace and the dream to make something special or new to show it to all the people around. My work is a big thanks to the Web and the people who make it lovely evey day but also to show that frames are nice and special.

Act like a .gif

During Aram Bartholls one week project, I started to make a YouTube-Video action. Take a .gif and act like it.

Aram Bartholl

Speed Show Webpage

I made Aram Bartholls CMS Speedshow Webpage and edited some Speedshow Clips
Aram Bartholl


PXLoon was a group project together with Jan Wenger, fellow student of mine. We made an typography installation by taping a huge QR code on the floor and decoding it using black balloons.

more pics

Jupiter Channel

During Dragan Espenschieds semester project "You and then others like this", we explored values of web interaction. I started to make something cute and lovely, a hamster online. If you have a paypal account you can donate for one of the goodies and give it to little hamster in real time.
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During Prof. Olia Lialina's semester project "Aesthetics of Being Online" we organised as the "Beautiful Zeros and Ugly Ones" a web surfing competion called Trail Blazers. We held the competition three times, twice at Merz Akademie and once in Linz at Ars Electronica Festival in Aram Bartholl's Tele-Internet space. During all 3 events I was especially responsible for setting up a great internet music youtube playlist as well for VJing with animated GIFs and the used screens.
You want to organize a Trailblazers Event? Please ask Theo Seemann.

Theo Seemann

WebFlair Archive

The design inside the WWW has changed a lot during its history. No matter what to look at: aesthetic simplyness of the web 1993 or crazy amateur style pages in 1996 - the web always has been influenced by the individual design of users. But since famous web 2.0, when online services for the first time started to spread their predesigned templates, the web is missing its unique individuality. We should finally start to change this!
The Web Flair Archive as a blog is concentrating around stuff I personally like in the web. With its four different template designs I document important user web design trends and also I give an outsight how a user web design future could look like.
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Firewall Ball

The Firewall Ball Cup took place during a one week workshop with Johannes P Osterhoff, from December 6 till 10, 2010 at Merz Akademie/ Stuttgart.

Johannes P Osterhoff
FirewallBall German Masters on vimeo


During a one week workshop with media artist Yunchul Kim we were working on an informative globe, where one can access the worlds cultures by fingertip. After selecting a point on earth a collection of music and live webcams is shown on a projection wall. The name glovetrotter traces to a led glove as the main tool of interaction. Technically: physical computing with leds, photo diodes, Arduino boards, lots of wire and MaxMSP.


Paint Rush

PaintRush is my final result of a one week project on "lacks of limitations (in software)" with designer Manuel Buerger. I focused on the aestetics of the spray tool in "Paintbrush", a very basic paint software for Mac OS. By producing a stencil of the original pixel-arrangement and spraying it on real paper or by trying to redraw real life graffiti with the Paintbrush spray tool on screen I tried to explore the borderline between the real and the virtual.

Manuel Buerger

THX to: Theo Seemann :: Tobias Leingruber :: Dragan Espenschied :: Olia Lialina